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What sets us apart from other educational enrichment programs?

  • Amazing Minds, LLC was established in 2001 and was developed to encourage the intellectual, creative, and social growth of each child
  • Emphasis on learning by doing
  • Weaves in ALL academic areas through participation in fun games, activities, experiments and crafts
  • Exposes children to a wide variety of educational topics often not covered during school hours
  • Small group learning
  • Open to all types of learners in a judgment free environment
  • Screen free curriculum

This exciting after school program is open to any elementary school age child who loves to learn!

How is the Amazing Minds program structured?

Your child will attend classes once a week for 60 minutes. Amazing Minds offers 19 interactive topics that will expand your child’s knowledge of the world and reinforce the academic skills taught in elementary school. With a 12:1 student teacher ratio, the classes are taught by instructors trained in implementing the creative and unique Amazing Minds curriculum. We invite your child to decorate and assemble a rock collection, explore the mummies of Ancient Egypt, and build a tornado in a bottle!

What is a typical Amazing Minds class like?

On the first day of exploring the continent of Australia, children will have the opportunity to handle artifacts; students will touch sheepskin, boomerangs, didgeridoos, eucalyptus and Australian gemstones. They will examine the secret language of the Aborigines. Math skills will be enhanced with our “kangaroo broad jump.” Following a treasure hunt, students will locate hidden animal cards and demonstrate their reading skills by teaching their classmates about the various species of animals native to Australia. The Australian adventure continues in the outback where the students duplicate a School of the Air by communicating with their instructor via two-way radio. Next, children will create brightly colored Australian petroglyphs in a fun take home art project. The day culminates with a kangaroo relay.


Woven into our thematic based curriculum are the academic areas of math, science, reading, geography and so much more!

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