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Policies And Procedures

At the elementary school locations:

All students will be escorted to the Amazing Minds classroom or meeting place.

After class, your child is to be picked up by the designated parent or guardian who will be required to sign out the child.

The Amazing Minds instructor will stay at the school until every child is picked up or released.

At park districts and community center locations:

Child is dropped off and picked up at designated times.

The Amazing Minds instructor will stay at the site until every child is picked up or released.

In the event that a child is having trouble adjusting to the class, disruptive to the class or other children, or physically aggressive to their peers, the parent will be immediately notified. A phone conference will be arranged as soon as possible. A solution will be decided upon and implemented. If this solution is ineffective or the child continues to be unhappy or problematic we reserve the right to dismiss your child from the class. Because we are sensitive to each child’s needs, we ask that you provide us with any information concerning behavioral or problematic issues.

At the elementary schools there is no refund after the first class.

Food Allergy Information

The following lessons include a theme related snack:

Australia Day 3 Graham Crackers
Vanilla Frosting
Food Coloring
Mini White Marshmallows
China Day 3 Fortune Cookies
Rice Cakes

Health Day 2 Assorted  Wrapped Candy
Rocks & Minerals
Day 2
Animal Crackers
Gummy Bears
Dry Cereal

New York Day 3

Astronaut (Freeze Dried) Ice Cream Chocolate Covered Insects


Native Americans
Day 2
Beef Jerky or Slim Jims
Chicago Day 3 White or Colored Mini Marshmallows
Italy Day 3 Lemonade
Bread Sticks
Pizza Flavored Goldfish Crackers

Sharks, Whales
& Dolphins Day 1


“Gummy” Sharks




This list was last revised 2022. Please feel free to contact us with further questions at 847-509-8875.


It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify us if your child has a food or environmental allergy that could effect his/her participation in class.

The child should be aware of his/her restrictions.

Food is not served on a regular basis, only as a compliment or enhancement to a lesson.

Parents are always welcome to provide an alternate or substitute.

Amazing Minds will work with parents to try to meet your child’s special needs. We strive to keep our environment as safe as possible for students, while maintaining the hands-on approach of our program.

We can not guarantee an allergy free environment. Our rooms are used by many people other than Amazing Minds, LLC. Because this is an after school program, children are invited to come to class with a snack from home. Should this be a problem for anyone, please contact us at 847-509-8875 or Lisa at lisa@MyAmazingMinds.com

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