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Amazing Minds Testimonials

From the Parents:

This was [my child’s] favorite enrichment all year-it was always a countdown to Wednesday. Thank you so much-you really feed his interests.

Deerfield parent

My son talked more about what he learned in Amazing Minds than anything that happens in school. He definitely wants to be signed up a second time!

Highland Park parent

A great program! My daughter absolutely loved attending and is constantly impressing us with new facts.

Highland Park parent

[The Amazing Mind’s instructor] kept my son’s interest each and every week! Which is a very big deal after a full day of school.

Northbrook parent

[My child] has enjoyed learning about places near and far-Egypt and Chicago! He was invited to the King Tut exhibit and had a wonderful time. Of course, he now wants to go to Egypt! It was comforting to me to know that he was in a stimulating environment after school and while I’m working-Thank You!

Deerfield parent

[My child] LOVES Amazing Minds. She loves the topics and loves learning about new things. We just wish there was more time!

Northbrook parent

From the Children:

I loved this class. I want to take it again next year!!

Glenview student

I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here!

Northbrook student

All my friends thought my rock collection was awesome!

Buffalo Grove student

I’m so mad I can’t take Amazing Minds in 3rd grade!

Winnetka student

Dear Lisa: Carter completed a Memory Book for first grade and had to answer this question “My favorite place at school.” He answered Amazing Minds and drew a picture of what I assume is the two of you. He then had to finish this sentence: “This place is special because…” Carter said: “I learn alot. Mrs. Weiss teaches us about people and places. My favorite topic was Italy because we had a party.” So cute!!! I love what you do!

Glenview student/parent

From Our Facility/District Sponsors:

While working as the Facility Supervisor at Park Center, I have had the opportunity to work with [the Directors and staff of] the popular program, Amazing Minds. The program has been successfully running for three years now with three sessions per year. Enrollment is always full and we always have positive feedback from our patrons.

Gina DiSandro, Facility Supervisor at Glenview Park District, 2006

Amazing Minds has been providing classes for our enrichment program for the past two years. From my experience, it is a professionally run organization which provides a fun and educational experience for the children of District 28. We plan to keep Amazing Minds as one of our enrichment classes for years to come.” – Michael Chanan, Enrichment Director

Northbrook School District 28, 2006

As organizer of a PTO after-school enrichment program, I’ve had a 100% positive experience with Amazing Minds. The curriculum is stimulating as well as entertaining — our students and their parents love it! The owners and teachers are dedicated, responsive, and a joy to work with. I highly recommend this popular, well-run class.

Terri Foster, Enrichment Commitee Chairperson, Ravinia School, Highland Park, 2006

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