Terri Foster, Enrichment Commitee Chairperson, Ravinia School, Highland Park

As organizer of a PTO after-school enrichment program, I’ve had a 100% positive experience with Amazing Minds. The curriculum is stimulating as well as entertaining — our students and their parents love it! The owners and teachers are dedicated, responsive, and a joy to work with. I highly recommend this popular, well-run class.

Northbrook School District 28

Amazing Minds has been providing classes for our enrichment program for the past two years. From my experience, it is a professionally run organization which provides a fun and educational experience for the children of District 28. We plan to keep Amazing Minds as one of our enrichment classes for years to come.” – Michael Chanan, Enrichment Director

Glenview student/parent

Dear Lisa: Carter completed a Memory Book for first grade and had to answer this question “My favorite place at school.” He answered Amazing Minds and drew a picture of what I assume is the two of you. He then had to finish this sentence: “This place is special because…” Carter said: “I learn alot. Mrs. Weiss teaches us about people and places. My favorite topic was Italy because we had a party.” So cute!!! I love what you do!

Deerfield parent

[My child] has enjoyed learning about places near and far-Egypt and Chicago! He was invited to the King Tut exhibit and had a wonderful time. Of course, he now wants to go to Egypt! It was comforting to me to know that he was in a stimulating environment after school and while I’m working-Thank You!